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Animal Patterning Project is a synthetic bio-art and immersive interactive animation that is being screened on March 20, 2014 at Offline at Central Booking in conjunction with a panel presentation of "How Technology, Science and Art are Changing Our Perception of Time" sponsored by ArcheTime and mentioned in Kaleidoscope's “Reflections on Time” written by Olga Ast, Julia Druk and Catherine Rutgers (published by Durham University in 2013). It was previously presented in May 2012 at the Artist Summer Institute in conjunction with a residency awarded by Creative Capital and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. It was included in the first ArcheTime Conference curated by Olga Ast in 2009 and mentioned in Infinite Instances curated by Olga Ast and published by by Mark Batty for Random House in August 2011. A book signing party was held at Robert Miller Gallery in Chelsea in 2011. It is also in the Rhizome collection at the New Museum.