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"Little Wars; the Carousel Project” (2001-2013) is based on the history of carousels (“little wars” in Italian).

Carousel was first published in Printmaking Today in Winter 2001, mastered in 2002 under a co-production grant at Banff Centre for the Arts and is in the Rhizome new media collection of the New Museum. It has been shown at Columbia College in Chicago in 2002, the Beecher Center for Arts and Technology (2003-2004), presented at ASCI in 2004 and Eyebeam for Sarah Cook and Beryl Graham in 2008 as part of the "Doubletake" collaborative project produced by Interactivos,, White Box Gallery in Chelsea and the Binghamton University Art Gallery in 2008. Its adaptation for a 3D immersive environment was reviewed in America 24 in 2012. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 11/26/2013