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"My Perfect Child" explores the history of engineering the perfect child through genetics and its origins in culture .

"My Perfect Child" was presented in "Tomorrow" at the New York Hall of Science curated by Anne Barlow of the New Museum in 2004, "Kloone4000" at the Amsterdam Genomics Center in 2006, in "Allegories of the Genome" at the BC Genomics Center in 2007 (catalogues were produced at both genomics centers), in "Biological and Technolgical Transformations in Living Forms in Art", an on-line member curated show at Rhizome at the New Museum in 2007 and "Robots and Representation" at Perdue University in 2010. "My Perfect Child" is in the Rhizome new media art collection at the New Museum. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 11/26/2013